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When the worst happens, entrust de La Garza with your crisis communications!  
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de La Garza Public Relations has managed crisis communications in a variety of incidents both foreign and domestic during our more than 27 years of business.
  • We are among only a few public relations firms with experience operating in the Joint Information Center of the Federal government's Unified Command System for handling catastrophic incidents.
  • We provide 24/7 on-call crisis communications response service.
  • We prepare customized crisis communications plans and perform drills to test a client's response capabilities.
  • We can accurately assess an organization's crisis communications preparedness.
  • We provide on-site and studio based customized media training for preparing a company's spokesperson.
  • We teach clients how to take control of their communications in a crisis.
  • We are crisis communications experts and the crisis communications counselors for business and industry - foreign and domestic.
  • We've seen and experienced more crisis conditions than any of our competitors.
  • We are internationally known as well as widely trusted and respected as crisis communications experts.
  • We get the job done anytime, anywhere. We're not known as crisis experts for nothing.
Your hard-earned reputation is in good hands when we take control of your crisis communications!

de La Garza and Blue Water Partners Global team up to provide a state of the art high tech tool that tests and challenges your crisis readiness.

GlobalTop is a state-of-the-art, powerful and cost effective way to evaluate an organization's state of readiness. It is a service and web-based application that evaluates plans and personnel. It is a dynamic experience for any organization that is serious about preparing for the worst possible scenario. It facilitates local, regional and global collaboration among internal and external partners.

GlobalTop provides cost savings. Planes, paper and PowerPoint are all part of an antiquated and disorganized paper based methods for performing what should be an efficient and streamlined process. GlobalTop removes the inefficiency and modernizes corporate war games and tabletop exercises. It allows the organization to test personnel and plans as often as required to improve training, response and recovery capabilities.

Business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis or incident management plans and personnel need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure everyone is aware of their roles during such events. GlobalTop can simulate any scenario including the effects of major events such as: pipeline ruptures, refinery explosions, oil and fuel storage fires, oil well failures, oil and gas tanker accidents, oil spills, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, network failures, reputational issues, regulatory action or natural disasters.

To summarize, here are the key features of GlobalTop :

Interactive web-based application that enables a high degree of customization and presen­tation of content in an engaging and realistic environment.

Efficient and cost-effective means of providing simultaneous access to any member of the enterprise, regardless of where they reside; differentiated content can be presented on a "need to know" basis.

Operationally robust but has a simple interface that is readily accessible to all personnel regardless of technical training, functional discipline, or business background.

Scalable tool that bridges the gap among the participants in an exercise on a common platform that cuts across a wide range of activities within the enterprise with no need for special training.

GlobalTop is available through de La Garza Public Relations, Inc. and Blue Water Partners Global which developed the program.

You can see a brief demo of GlobalTop at:

For more information or to schedule a GlobalTop exercise, please contact Henry A. de La Garza, 855 225-5808 x101.

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