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Henry de La Garza
Henry A. de La Garza, APR

Mr. de La Garza is a FEMA Certified NIMS Public Information Officer (PIO) and is qualified to manage communications and public information in any situation - regardless of severity, complexity and the number of parties of interest. His capabilities include handling media and public inquiries, emergency public information and warnings, rumor monitoring and response, and media monitoring, and coordinating the dissemination of information in an accurate and timely manner. His FEMA Certifications include: IS-042, IS-100b, IS-200b, G-300, G-400, IS-700a, IS-702a, and IS-800b.

Randy de La Garza
Randy W. de La Garza

Mrs. de La Garza is the President and Chief Financial Officer of de La Garza Public Relations, Inc. The first ten years of her career were spent as a corporate securities attorney for The El Paso Company specializing in corporate finance, including shareholder and investor communications. Relying on her business orientation to communications, she made a mid-course correction in 1983 to join her husband in his public relations firm and to manage the business.

Mrs. de La Garza is an active member of Houston's business and civic leadership, serving as President of Taping for the Blind and as a member of Leadership Houston since 1989 where she served on the board of directors and as chairman of the undergraduate program for 1992-1993. She has served on the board of directors of the Houston Community College Foundation, the Texas Institute for Arts in Education, Leadership Houston, the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker, the Jung Education Center and The Professional Group.

Jose JaimeJose Jaime

Mr. Jaime's heads the Mexico City branch of de La Garza as the president of Precision Marcomm Mexico (www.precision.com.mx). He is a principal in the creation of many memorable campaigns and won many national and international awards since his agency’s founding in 1981. He has a solid background in the communications field, having earned an M.S. in social communication sciences from Anahuac University, and completed postgraduate studies in television production at San Diego State University.

strategic planning and creativity have placed Precision among the top 50 agencies in Mexico. He has been recognized many times for his talent and is frequently asked to participate as a judge at international award presentations.

An active member of the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies, Mr. Jaime has served as president of the organization's finance committee and vice president of the social affairs committee. Jose Jaime participates regularly as a spokesman in advertising conferences, and has a weekly radio program in English.

Jose JaimeJim Zura

Jim Zura is a Videographer/Editor and Media Relations Specialist for de La Garza. Jim previously worked with Media Consultants for more than 20 years, shooting and editing client videos and role-playing as a TV news videographer for media training, drills and exercises. Jim is an FAA-certified Commercial Drone Pilot-In-Command able to shoot dramatic aerial drone footage not possible by more expensive helicopter flights. He is NIMS-certified in IS-700, 702, 100, and IS-42 social media training. An award-winning broadcast and corporate video producer, he writes, shoots, and edits network-quality, high-definition videos for Zura Productions, his own full-service television/video production company. Jim has more than 30 years of radio, television, and video production experience. He has worked as location producer and cameraman for practically every major national TV network, including video projects with popular entertainers, sports legends, national news figures, and U.S. Presidents.

Bob GresserBob Gresser

Bob Gresser is a Senior Media Advisor for de La Garza. His career includes 20+ years as a News Anchor/Reporter for KIKK Radio and KTRH NewsRadio in Houston, KTSA in San Antonio, and CNN Radio in Atlanta. He is a FEMA Certified NIMS Instructor and has developed several NIMS-compatible EOC Incident Management and PIO Public Information Plans. He has designed and facilitated exercises for LEPC’s, hospital districts, Houston METRO Transit, and the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He served for four months as Transocean’s JIC representative during the BP oil spill and scheduled news media for helicopter visits offshore to Transocean’s drilling platforms whose two relief wells stopped the BP oil spill.

Dale SamuelsenDale Samuelsen

Dale Samuelsen is a Videographer/Editor and Media Relations Specialist for de La Garza. He previously worked with Media Consultants, shooting and editing client videos and role-playing as a TV news videographer for media training, drills and exercises. Dale is a FEMA Certified PIO. He has provided live webinar feeds of our classroom training seminars and international video conferencing during drills/exercises. Dale has more than 15 years of video production experience and has owned his own video production firm, Sweetwater Video Productions, since 2001. Prior to that, he was the Executive Producer for The Health Channel. Dale has produced videos for a variety of clients in the Houston area including Akzo Nobel, Baylor College of Medicine, City of Houston, DuPont, Fort Bend County, State of Texas Department of State Health Services, and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Deb HenselDeb Hensel

Deb Hensel is a Print Media Relations Specialist for de La Garza. Deb spent more than 20 years as a news reporter for the Houston Post, Houston Chronicle, Reuters and Agence France Presse, and as a magazine editor for the Greater Houston Partnership. In her print journalism career, Deb has covered such diverse topics as business, crime, courts, education, entertainment, environment, government and national politics. She has interviewed actors, authors, ambassadors, Presidents, and CEOs of several Houston companies. Deb has worked as an Editor of technical documents for the oil and gas industry, and has been a member of our Media Consultants team since 2013, role-playing as a newspaper reporter, community resident, and employee family member. As a freelance writer/editor of website content, Deb uses multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and Pinterest.

Patti GrasPatti Gras

Patti Gras is a Bilingual Media Relations Specialist for de La Garza. Patti has 28 years of broadcast experience as a reporter, producer, anchor and host for Fox, Telemundo, Warner Cable, and KUHT-TV (PBS) where she won seven Emmy awards. She earned three Master’s degrees in journalism, business administration, and international management from elite universities. Fluent in four languages, Patti has role-played as Spanish and French-speaking reporters, community residents, and employee family members during training and exercises. She can translate our training materials and video scripts, and serve as a bilingual on-camera or voice-over talent for video projects produced by her company, Love Smart Living Media.

Tim O’LearyTim O’Leary

Tim O’Leary is a crisis communicator with decades of experience serving the government, corporate and marine transportation sectors. A retired Naval Officer, he has done extensive work for the US Navy, Shell Oil Company and Witt O’Brien’s. His work includes a wide variety of significant activities and incidents, including Operation Desert Storm, The Taiwan Missile crisis of 1996, the 1999 recovery of Egypt Air Flight 990, The Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, the 2008 grounding of the Shell tanker FICUS in the Bahamas and hundreds of other incidents.

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